52 Weeks Project | Week Eight

So for this week’s photo I’ve come to a different country. Just kidding! However I am actually in another country for a little holiday and adventure and so far it’s so beautiful.

Iceland has been on my bucket list for quite some time now and to finally be here is an absolute dream. We arrived here on Monday and the weather has been quite crazy so far, I’ve never driven in conditions like the ones we’ve experienced here in just two days.

We’re staying in a lovely little cabin and this is the landscape that we have just outside. While we had a little snow shower yesterday morning I thought I’d go out and take photos until my fingers were numb.

Today it’s been a year since I found out my mother had passed away, and I remember that week feeling like the worst week of my life. Thinking of this anniversary I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in England moping about, hence why I’ve come to this beautiful country with two of my absolute best friends. It’s strange how much it helps to pull yourself away from the place that holds certain memories and how cleansing it can feel for your heart and soul.

Despite the minus degree temperatures, I’m rather fond of Iceland so far.

IMG_3007 2


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