52 Weeks Project | Week Six

How quickly is this year going already?! This week’s photo is a musical inspired one, if the photos I’m making aren’t sort of representing how I’ve felt or been in the week I like the thought of having them directly inspired by something, so that’s what’s happened with this photo!

Last week I was really lucky to finally catch City of Angels at the Donmar Warehouse and I loved it (must write up my blog on that…) but the lighting design in particular just fascinated me. City of Angels comprised of two narratives and in one of those the lighting and costumes were subtly altered to make it seem like the characters were in black and white, and in one of the numbers the two narratives almost collided and the colour/black and white divide became strikingly obvious – the whole direction of this song was just amazing to watch.

Anyway I knew I wanted to try and create an image inspired by this show, so thinking along the film noir style that I felt from City of Angels this is what I’ve shot for week six.

IMG_2923 3

R x

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