52 Weeks Project | Week Five

On Sunday my friend Caitlin and I drove up to Manchester and on our way we found some amazing locations. Before driving through the beautiful sights of the Peak District we came across a forest with many log piles just on the outskirts, and considering that I’m obsessed with how cool log piles look I needed to shoot my 52 Weeks photo here.

While I was in France last summer I found a log pile and attempted to make a self portrait work there but it just wasn’t happening, and these log piles were much better in comparison! Wandering around in the snow made it feel even more magical as we haven’t received much snow down south, it was a total change.

This could possibly be my favourite 52 Weeks photo so far… Big statement I know! I’m just so obsessed with log piles, I think they look amazing and with the snow as well – I’m very content with this.

click through for full size & high quality

Ahhhhhh it just makes me so happy. Obviously I’m very easily pleased by nature, which would explain me almost crying while driving through the Peak District. You can see my photos from out trip to Manchester in this blog here if you’d like to check that out as well!

R x

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