Summer Lovin’… in January!

At the beginning of January I received a very exciting email from Rebecca Felgate at Official Theatre inviting me to their next London Theatre Bloggers meet-up at Planet Hollywood. She had very kindly invited me to their last meet-up but unfortunately I had to forgo the evening due to work. This time round after seeing how much fun everyone had had at the previous meet I was determined not to miss out!


Walking up to Planet Hollywood I actually felt a little bit nervous but as soon as I went upstairs I met Rebecca for the first time and was immediately complimented (thanks Rebecca!) and felt so welcomed. It was so lovely to catch up with Kira and Cher Ann whom I was already friends with previous to the event as I haven’t seen them both in quite some time, but as well as that it was easy to blend into the many other little groups of bloggers and to have a chat about what shows we’d recently seen, what we were looking forward to seeing and whatever else we’ve been up to in our busy lives!

IMG_7819 copy

SeatPlan is a site that I’ve only recently been introduced to but at the meet (which they helped to organise) we were told a bit more about it by some representatives of the site and I think it’s such a genius idea! The concept of it is to make choosing a seat in any theatre a much easier decision because you can access the site and see reviews from other theatregoers purely about the seating plan, the level of comfort and legroom and the visibility you will have of the show from the seat. This would save a lot of time for most people especially if they’re quite worried about booking a ticket in the upper circle’s of most theatres as they’re often cheaper tickets but sometimes can be uncomfortable, but of course you won’t know this until you get to the theatre on the day. Well, you’ll know before you book the ticket if you look on SeatPlan!


As you can see in this handy little GIF I’ve made, the site is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is type in the name of the theatre, and from there you can see a seating plan and the option to select reviews for the Stalls or the Circle etc, and from there it breaks it down by row as well, and from that into the individual seat! I’ve picked Matilda as I saw it last week (you can see my ‘review’ here) but have never sat in the Upper Circle, so I chose a random row and found a review of a seat there from my friend Kira and can see what she thought of it! You can literally look for any seat in the theatre to see if someone has reviewed it. As the site is still fairly new there isn’t a review for every single seat yet but from what they have already it’s so useful. Also if you add your own reviews to your site you can build up points which then equate to vouchers to save you money off tickets – what’s not to love about this site?! I can’t wait to dig out all my tickets and fill out lots of seat reviews!

Planet Hollywood supplied the yummiest bite-size food that just didn’t stop appearing (no complaints there) while we enjoyed our free wine (honestly, who wouldn’t want to be there?!) catching up with friends and making new ones. The atmosphere was so relaxed and really fun, and the summer theme was in abundance with the room decorated and a flamingo to party with!


Prizes were given out from the lovely people at SeatPlan for users whom they believe have been adding the most reviews recently, and also a few different prizes for general blogging were given out by Official Theatre which were all lovely gestures of recognition for the hard work these bloggers put into their sites. As well as these prizes, the lovely West End Wilma gifted us with some of her brand new #stagey tote bags that you can purchase on her site right here; mine will probably be used to neatly store a few of the many programmes I have from various shows!


So all in all a fantastic night was had by everyone and it’s safe to say I can’t wait for the next meet up to have just as much fun all over again. A big thanks has to go to Rebecca from Official Theatre for being the most charismatic host and for organising a brilliant event, also to the wonderful people at Seat Plan for a fantastic site and to Planet Hollywood for treating us bloggers wonderfully!

Everyone mentioned has a link attached to them so I implore you to check out their blogs and sites! :)

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