Matilda The Musical

With a few days off from work last week I decided to treat myself to a ticket to see Matilda the Musical again, this being my 4th visit to the Cambridge Theatre to see it. Despite me seeing before I realised I’ve yet to write a blog-review about it so I thought it was about time I wrote about how much I adore this show!


My view from Row M

I’ve been lucky enough to be seated in the stalls every time I’ve seen the show, I’ve sat on the front row, the back row, row E and last Wednesday night I managed to get a fantastic seat in row M just past 7pm. The one thing I notice whenever I see this show is how amazed everyone is at the set design of the show, it’s truly unique and a lot of fun – I love seeing how many different words I can find within the scrabble pieces before the show starts.


2014/15 Cast

The show itself is genius. The book has been altered slightly from the original story but only to add another story within the musical of an escapologist and an acrobat which all ties in beautifully. The music in Matilda is hilarious, beautiful and at some points is so clever you can’t believe someone could actually write it! I love School Song for this in particular because it builds the song (and set) by using the alphabet – it’s a hard one to explain but if you look up the lyrics you’ll see what I mean. In the show, it’s mind-blowing.


School Song

Each time I’ve been to see the show recently I’ve had a couple of changes in the cast which has been fantastic to see. The last time I saw the show I was able to see Lucy Jane Adcock as Mrs. Wormwood and Will Kenning as Miss Trunchbull and they were both fantastic in the roles. As well as this I’ve been able to see a couple of Matilda’s and I got to see Matilda Shapland (yes, her real name is Matilda too!) again in the role last week.


What this show does really well is keep the audience constantly entertained, there’s never a dull moment in Matilda. The Wormwood’s are both hilarious in their own rights, and whoever gets to play Mrs Wormwood gets the most fantastic song and dance number with Loud! Quick cast mention here but I just have to say how much I love seeing Jason Winter playing the role of Rudolpho because he plays it so well I now can’t imagine anyone else doing it justice, he gets to completely show off his dancing skills in Loud too, and gets the ladies in the audience swooning! IMG_0474

My main motivation to see the show last week (not that I need motivation to go anyway!) was Charlotte Scott being on for Miss Honey. She usually performs in the ensemble and as the Acrobat but as Haley Flaherty was on holiday Charlotte took over for a few days and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her again. I’ve seen Charlotte perform as a lead in two other big West End show – Wicked and Singin’ in the Rain and it’s really lovely to see her tick another one off her list. I was thrilled for her when I found out last year that she’d be joining the cast of Matilda and now it’s a joy to see her performing to such huge audiences because she has so much talent that deserves to be seen.

IMG_0478The talent in this whole cast is unbelievable especially considering that the majority of the cast are children! They all put over 100% into each performance and it’s amazing to see, however I did get to see one of the adult ensemble having to play one of the children in last week’s show! I’ve heard of it happening but hadn’t seen it until then, and surprisingly I don’t think it would’ve been too obvious to those who hadn’t seen the show before, it’s very cleverly done. The adult cast work together so well and they make some of the intricate routines look like a walk in the park, with it being such a high energy show I’m incredibly impressed with how effortless they make it seem.


One last specific cast mention I have to say is about Craig Els as Miss Trunchbull because he is simply brilliant and terrifying in the role! I was sat a few seats in from the aisle and a lot of times the Trunchbull storms through the aisle and it does become very scary having the intimidating Trunch stood right by you!

Matilda is a total winner for me, and I don’t think I could ever be bored while watching it. It has fantastic music, incredible dancing, the set design is a wonder to behold and it’s jam-packed with a cast full of overwhelming talent. It’s funny but also has a heart-warming story behind it, and it really is one of the best West End shows out there.

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