52 Weeks Project | Week Four

A whole month of this project is now complete!

This week has been a pretty tough one on my emotions (if you’ve read my last blog that sort of sums it up!) I’ve just been up and down and up and down and needing to plateau but it hasn’t been happening! Regardless, a photo had to be taken so I went out to my favourite “calm down” spot which is also where I shot Week One.

It’s such a lovely place to walk around and the stillness of everything in that area just helps me to clear my head. Despite it being cold beyond belief I don’t mind freezing for photos when it feels like some sadness, anxiety and stress is disappearing, so here is my photo for Week Four.

click through for full size & high quality

click through for full size & high quality

While I really like the cool tones of this I’m itching for Spring and Summer to have more colours back in my life, though saying that I also can’t wait to be in Iceland next month where my camera will be out constantly! That’ll be one of the most exciting weeks of this project I’m sure. For now I’m just hoping that my emotions will chill out and I’ll go back to being a (semi) sane human being soon!

R x

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