Two Days in Edinburgh

A few months ago my friend Lee and I decided we’d like to organise a little surprise trip to Edinburgh for two of our friends birthday and so in a few days flights, hotel and a few other bits and bobs had been booked! Keeping it a secret until January had become such a hard task, but it was so worth it by the time we got to Edinburgh.

By no means am I an early riser, nor am I very happy about having to be awake before the sun has risen however in this case I could allow it – I’ve never been as exciting for a 4:45am alarm to get up and get ready to leave for the airport. Despite leaving on time we realised when we got to Clapham Junction that we’d left the boarding passes back at the house! After a moment of panic we just laughed it off and carried on to the airport knowing we’d figure that bit out when we got there. I’m still surprised at how little I freaked out about that detail after planning everything out. We got the airport in perfect time and were on our way to Edinburgh!


Flying is one of my favourite things once above the clouds. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful, like you’re in another world. Our journey to Scotland was very short, only just over an hour in the air. Once in Edinburgh we took the tram from the airport to our final destination and this was the funniest part of the journey for me. Still very sleepy and semi-delirious, we knew that Kirsty (who we were surprising!) was also taking the tram and could possibly be wandering around so for most of the journey we were trying to hide ourselves at each stop in case she was near the tram!

Thankfully we made it to the stage door of the Edinburgh Playhouse where we knew Kirsty and everyone else would be and successfully surprised her – and what a relief it was to be able to say where we were after almost 24hrs of being undercover!

After a quick lunch we headed into the Edinburgh Playhouse to watch the matinee performance of Wicked and for me it was the second time seeing Jacqueline Hughes playing the green girl and again it was a treat to see her play the role of Elphaba! Having seen her play multiple swing roles in the London production of Wicked it’s still really incredible to see how far she’s come and always lovely to see someone living their dream.

The evening was full of yummy food and lots of laughter as we all had lots to catch up on and talk about, also now that we didn’t have to keep anything secret we began to plan what we wanted to do the next day as that’s all the time we had in Edinburgh!

We woke up to not the best weather but spent the morning in the cinema seeing Into The Woods before setting off out into a dreary Edinburgh to explore! Thankfully the rain wasn’t too heavy as we wandered around heading in the general direction of the castle but happy to amble. One place we had to visit was a little shop called Fudge Kitchen on the Royal Mile and oh, my, goodness. Anyone with a sweet tooth visiting Edinburgh – go here. We felt awful asking to try all the different fudges but we simply had to as they had flavours of fudge I’d never even thought of and they all tasted so incredible, I’m surprised we managed to restrain ourselves to just buying a couple of little blocks each!

Walking out of Fudge Kitchen I spotted a quaint little alley that made me think of Into The Woods and I couldn’t resist being a poser.

From there we carried on up towards Edinburgh Castle, stopping for a quick Starbucks and warm up on the way! We stumbled across the Camera Obscura as well and while we didn’t have time to properly go in we were thoroughly amused by the mirrors they had outside.

Last but not least we made it up to the castle to have a look around and take lots of silly photos before heading back towards our hotels.

Before we all had to split up and take our separate journeys home we had one last dinner at a lovely pub restaurant, Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, for some proper pub grub! This place had so much character it was unbelievable. Downstairs in the pub area they had the most beautifully ornate ceiling while upstairs the walls were covered in frames with keys in that acted as a slice of history. The gentleman that the tavern is named after was a cabinet maker and made copies of the keys to get into other people’s cabinets to burgle their belongings – how thrilling! I’m easily pleased by unique decor but as well as that the food was absolutely delicious, so when I come back to Edinburgh I’ll be re-visiting this place for sure.

Sadly after that it was back to our hotels to pick up our bags and head on back to London. I have to say, out of all my little travels around the country this two-day adventure jumps straight to the top of the list. We all had such a great time together and it was just so relaxed. Normally we’re rushing around a lot and getting a bit stressed at each other but honestly this was nothing like that. Just goes to show that with the right company nothing else matters because you’re going to have a fantastic time regardless! I’m really excited to plan a few more little getaways like this throughout the year as well now, I’ve caught the mini travel bug for sure!

R x

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