52 Weeks Project | Week One

For those of you who don’t know, the 52 Weeks Project is a little photography project that probably started on Flickr many years ago, one that I’ve done before but thought I’d do it again this year! It’s like the 365 Project but thankfully not as intense. All I want from this project is a series of photographs that reflect the time of year, how I’ve felt that week and/or what I’ve been up to in that week, really it’s just a bit of fun! :)


Today was my first completely free day off from work in quite some time, with us having the pantomime on at work and double shows everyday I’ve only had time to sleep and get ready for work really. It was lovely to drive over to Pitsford, have a long walk and just relax for a while – and obviously take some photos!

click through for larger image

Walking round the reservoir I came across this huge pile of rocks and knew they’d make for a good photo so I ended up clambering onto them (very gracefully…) to take some self-portraits before stitching about 10 photos together to make the final image shown above! It’s such a great feeling to do some photography just for me! I loved this little area, it’s incredible what you can find twenty minutes from your doorstep and it was so refreshing there.


Then on the walk back to the car I went through the muddy route and ended up next to some pine trees and remembered how fun it is to shoot through different objects and I quite like how this turned out as well. Excuse the grumpy expression, I’m pretty sure I have a ‘resting bitch face’ when it comes to self portraits ha!

That’s week one, wonder if I’ll keep this up?! We’ll see!

R x

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