Sunflowers in the South

When I stayed in France a few years ago, I remember seeing fields upon fields of sunflowers, but this summer while I’ve been here I’ve yet to see a single one. If you’re wanting corn or wheat then you’re in luck, there’s loads of it! Sadly this is not what I was looking for, so I did some research and roamed around to find a nice field of sunflowers.

One of the towns I’d seen online that had sunflower fields near was Soudat, so I headed in that direction first as it was only about 20 minutes away from Nontron. I was greeted by a tiny village with the road going straight through it but no sunflowers, and just past it I found a nice little spot that I could shoot in just on the edge of a wood which had a small barbed wire fence with a sign next to it. My French is very basic so I called my dad up to ask him to translate and it’s a good job I did because apparently this part of the woods was used for hunting… I thought about climbing over to shoot a few photos and then decided it definitely wasn’t worth the risk!

Hunting grounds

Moving on from there I headed on towards Javerlhac as my dad was sure there were sunflower fields there. With the sun falling, I stopped when I found a field of sunflowers in between Soudat and Javerlhac, finally! However, I’d forgotten that with sunflowers you’ll also have a lot of bees around, and bearing in mind I’m terrified of bees I probably should’ve brought some insect repellant or a full on bee keeper suit with me! The sunflowers weren’t as big as the ones I’ve seen before though, but I braved shooting there for a while before my paranoia of the zzz’s took over and I ran back to the car!

This is what I ended up with! I always end up looking quite serious and grumpy in photos but hey ho haha! Higher quality version is over on my Flickr here :) It’s nice to be back taking photos again but I’m going to get very bored of photographing myself soon I’m sure. On the way home I also found a pile of logs and whenever I drive past these I always want to stop and take photos so considering I had my camera with me I couldn’t resist! I’m not so happy with these so they’re still living in Photoshop, but here’s a preview of that as I may never post it ha!

I definitely want to go back and re-shoot there, as well as maybe re-shooting in the lovely corn that was next to these logs.

So there’s my first little photo adventure in France! After this photo it was too humid for me to handle being outside anymore and I drove on home. More roaming soon :)

R x

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