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Continuing from their concert on February 8th, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk held a second concert in the St. James Studio full of more of their music performed by a larger scope of West End talent!

In a similar fashion to how Saturday’s concert began, the first song performed was a fun upbeat song  from The Unauthorised Autobiography of Samantha Brown with Chlöe Hart and Lauren Samuels performing Freedom, a song about two girls taking roadtrips and discovering new places but ultimately discovering themselves and becoming more spontaneous people. Their voices worked together on this song beautifully and it required a bit of fun acting too which I loved seeing!

After this Kait and Brian spoke a little on the context of the song we’d just heard before joking that they’d done all the talking in the concert the day before and that night would be more music-heavy. Brian then performed a song some of us had heard the night before with The Bad Years, before Julie Atherton took to the stage to perform The Girl Who Drove Away. Julie I already knew was a sensational performer but she proved it even moreso in this concert,  there’s just such a different quality to her voice.

The fantastic producer of this concert, Stuart Matthew Price, then performed a song that Brian sang the night before so it was great to hear Stuart’s take on Five and a Half Minutes, and as I said in my blog on the concert previous to this I really do enjoy hearing Stuart sing so this was great.

Jodie Jacobs then infected the stage with her quick and easy humour asking Brian “Am I going to be alright?!” before performing in comparison quite a solemn song, Barcelona, Cartagena, Anywhere, because she comes across as a happy, funny person, to see her easily slip into this character and sing with such emotion impressed me a lot.

The night before we’d heard Rachel Tucker performing Hand in Hand, however on Sunday it was Chlöe’s turn to perform it and she brought a totally different energy to the song. I loved hearing how the same song could be done by two of my personal favourite performers in the course of a weekend, they both did it justice and sounded amazing. Stuart then performed Run Away With Me with the same incredible strength he had the night before. I certainly wasn’t complaining at being able to hear both these songs again whether it be by the same performer or not because they are all such great songs.

Kait and Brian then also performed the song from their show Unbound that they had showcased the night before about a little girl from Beijing dreaming of being a dancer and taking the journey to the Beijing Dance Academy. They also added a little anecdote of when they performed this song to the woman the show is actually based on and while performing she stopped them, asked them to start again and then danced along with the song –  a really touching anecdote as I can only imagine how amazing that was for them!

Afterwards they discussed their writing process and how they began as the duo they are today before introducing Lauren back to the stage to perform Anyway. This is a song Rachel had performed the day before but as Chlöe had done earlier in the evening, Lauren brought a completely  new twist to the song in comparison. It’s really amazing to see how different performers take on a song and add their own influences onto it. Not only that but I can’t imagine Anyway is an easy song to learn and sing so massive kudo’s to Lauren for doing it so incredibly well.

Daniel Boys, Anton Zetterholm and Stuart then stepped up onto the now quite crowded stage to perform the final song of the first act, Two Strangers. Their voices all blended together amazingly, and some of the harmonies in this song sounded heavenly.

One way to open a second act is Julie waltzing back onto the stage in a brilliant frock, hair tied up in pigtails in full six-year old mode. No offence to anyone I’ve seen perform this song, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen My Party Dress performed with as much dedication as this! She looked the part completely, and acted it in ways I’ve never seen it done. While in the first act she was a soulful performer, in this Julie had totally transformed to show off her spot-on comedic side.

Adding to the hilarity of this performance, Kait admitted afterwards that neither of them had known that Julie was going to be doing what she did during the song which just made us all laugh even more. Moving from the comedy, Stuart performed an identically fantastic rendition of Rise from the show Republic as he had the night before. Lauren then performed Say The Word which, as what is likely Kait and Brian’s most well-known song, needed no introduction, and this was certainly a beautiful song to hear sung live.

Kait took a moment to thank the band they had them which they didn’t have the night before, who had been truly brilliant in accompanying the music. Saturday’s concert had certainly been a lot more stripped back with simply Brian on the piano but with having the band on Sunday it sounded even more impressive.

As well as this Kait explained what was being set up on stage as Brian brought out a MacBook, and said about how in their early projects they experimented with adding different styles into their writing, one of which being a sort of techno style. Jodie joined them onstage to perform Last Week’s Alcohol, a song including not only piano but various techno-genre accompaniments. When you think of stereotypical musical theatre and then techno, you may think it’ll never work but surprisingly, in this song it really did! I enjoyed this blend a lot and applaud Kait and Brian on making this work. Jodie also sounded gorgeous performing alongside this blend of sounds.

Daniel returned to the stage to perform How To Return Home, a twist on how it had been performed the day before as Kait had sang it the night previous. Thinking on it later, having a male perform it certainly altered the perspective on the song for me which I found really interesting!

Chlöe then performed Avalanche, and I realised yet again that every time I see her perform she just totally blows me away, and that is why I’ll happy see her in concerts or shows again and again and again! Truly a sensational talent.

Kait and Stuart then sang another song from Republic that they’d performed the night before, and joked more on the accent that Kait was willing to attempt while Stuart was not. Kait said about the note Rachel had given her about her attempt on the accent (which I thought was really good considering she’s American!), before they performed The Only Ones on Earth. In the middle of this song where Brian had a slight page issue Kait also gave a huge thanks to Stuart for bringing them over to the UK in the first case and being such a patient and helpful producer that allowed their concerts to happen. They then went on to perform the song with ease.

Anton went on to perform another song from Republic, One Last Prayer, that Brian had performed the night before. Having only seen Anton in Les Miserables where he is currently playing the role of Enjolras, it was a great opportunity to see him perform some incredible new music.

The penultimate song of the evening was Holding On, another full-on emotional sing-along had to happen! Somehow they managed to fit all performers just about on the tiny stage for it, and again it was a really special performance with everyone singing along to the significant lines of “The Earth keeps turning, the light keeps shifting and I keep holding on,”, it was a tremendous thing – my favourite use of audience participation in a concert ever I think. Slightly nerve-wracking in that I’m currently taking singing lessons from Chlöe though so that added pressure to be singing (even though I would’ve done anyway!)…

As an encore of sorts, Kait and Brian performed their mash up of Moving to China/Will You Come With Me and surprised a fan from Belgium by inviting him up onto the stage to join Brian at the piano because they’d received an e-mail from him asking if they would be able to sign some sheet music of theirs for his boyfriend. Not only did they find that incredibly sweet but they’d flown over to London to see the concerts so I think their weekend was made by being a part of it as well.

I think this sums Kait and Brian’s personalities up with this one gesture, as they seem to truly appreciate every great thing that happens to them no matter how big or small. I loved being at these concerts, seeing them show off their work which is full of variety and beauty, and I hope they enjoyed being here too! Hopefully it won’t be too long until they can be back in the UK sharing their music.

ps. YouTube videos of the London concerts should be online soon I believe, so make sure you check their YT page to see the brilliance I’ve written about here! :)
pps. You can read my view on the concert they held on Saturday the 8th here!

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