theatre: Interval So Far

On the 9th of February, the team at Interval Productions brought back almost everyone involved in the shows they’ve produced to put on an interwoven showcase of all their four shows for one day only at the Cockpit Theatre.

For some bizarre reason I’ve sadly not been able to see any of the shows that have been put on by Interval, I’ve really wanted to but it’s been a case of finding out about them too late or not being able to go at the time etc, so when I saw that these productions were happening I jumped at the opportunity of  being able to see a glimpse of them all.

I’d heard that it wasn’t going to be like a normal showcase where everything would be in cut segments, rather they would be linked together in some way, which made me even more interested in how it was going to work. The show kicked off with Streets including some amazing choreography from these cast members, and a portion of Streets was shown before transitioning into After the Turn. 

With it being only pieces of the shows obviously I wasn’t able to fully grasp the whole narratives of each of the shows but they gave you enough to see into the scenes and get to know the characters a little bit. In the first act we saw parts of After The Turn and the intertwining relationships of Lauren (Tori Allen-Martin) and Wolf (Greg Oliver), Lauren and Michael (Liam Doyle) and the way death had affected Michael (who had become mute after his mother died) and how that had taken a toll on his carer Will (Steven Webb). I’ve yet to see Tori in a show despite loving seeing her in concert, so this I really enjoyed. Her portrayal of Lauren was really interesting as she went from being happy yet vulnerable with her boyfriend Wolf, to being more honest and earnest with old flame Michael.

Tori Allen-Martin and Liam Doyle – After the Turn

Liam Doyle I’ve also yet to see in a show but was thoroughly impressed by him playing the mute Michael and how his actions worked in sync with Stephen Rolley acting as his teenage self and ‘voice’ in the show. Ashleigh Gray played Michael’s mother in the flashbacks and was simply incredible, her acting and singing in this show was nothing but fierce, the anger dripping in her performance was shocking but bang on. Greg Oliver also gave a very intimidating performance as Wolf fleshing out the character incredibly well.

Following the first short interval, the cast of RENT that Interval put on performed Seasons of Love which is always a beautiful classic, before Andy Coxon and Jennifer Potts came in to begin the section of Another Way. Here they showed the ups and downs in their relationship. As well as their relationship, this show tells of Alex (Robbie Durham) suffering from cancer and how this affects his moods towards Vivien (Witney White). The third strand of narrative we saw from Another Way was of Sam (Aiden Crawford) and Toby (Timothy O’Hara) and in this segment we were introduced to what they’d been up to the night before and the success of their work that has gone viral online.


The show then took a turn back to RENT which is the only show Interval have produced that isn’t their own but they’ve put it on with such skill shown even in this short section. They began with Rent before shifting into Tango: Maureen with a brilliant routine performed by Ambra Caserotti as Joanne and Robbie Durham as Mark. This then went into Tori giving a superb and hot Out Tonight as Mimi! A fantastic number not only from her but all the dancers in the scene with her. Andy Coxon took on the role of Angel with Carlton Connell as Collins for a sublime rendition of I’ll Cover You, before the duo of Sabrina Aloueche and Amber got together for Take Me Or Leave Me which was full of many a diva riff and growl, it was incredible!

Taking it from one mood to another, Tori and Greg (as Roger) performed Without You before the company joined together to perform the reprise of I’ll Cover You, ending the second act.


After the third and final interval, Streets was shown. This show even from only seeing a bit of it came across as a very raw and real show, something different to what is generally seen from theatre. It concerned the concepts of drugs and dealing, and how it can affect all aspects of life when anyone is involved in them. This is something I’ve never really seen in a show before, it’s almost a taboo subject, so it’s brave for Interval have done it. The choreography in this show especially blew me away, it was amazing. I enjoyed how they mixed different styles of music into this too having beat boxing and such happening too because it really gave it an edge.

Personally I think they pulled this production off incredibly well and it’s amazing to see what can be done when a huge group of talented people join forces to show off a lot of hard work. It’s great to see a production company like this being successful in what they do especially when they’re putting new shows out there for audiences to see and I’m glad it paid off!

Find Interval Productions on Twitter to see what they’re up to.

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