theatre: The Book of Mormon

On the day of The Book of Mormon‘s original London cast’s cast change, I found myself in a seat to finally see the show while they were getting ready to perform their final matinee together as this cast!

Friends of mine had literally raved about this show, and after a few unsuccessful trip to the lottery of the show I was certainly grateful to be catching up with most of theatre-land in seeing this show. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not but I try and keep myself as spoiler-free as possible from a show, if I know I can see it I’ll avoid listening to the songs or seeing pictures from the show as much as I can so it’s all new when I see it. The only spoilers I’d had from The Book of Mormon were Hello from their Tony performance and also You And Me (But Mostly Me) so pretty much spoiler-free!

With it being a final matinee, often a ‘muck-up matinee’, I expected there to be a bit of extra silliness but also knew that unless it was outrageous I wouldn’t pick up on it as much having not seen the show before. Despite this however I did spot a couple of ‘muck-ups’ that my friends didn’t so I was quite proud! Most noticeably I spotted that the toy baby Olivia Phillips held in one of the scenes had a paper cut out of someone’s face on it replacing the actual face – I think it was Gavin Creel (Elder Price) on the baby?! I soon found out that the show is funny enough on it’s own and definitely didn’t need any muck-ups.

This show didn’t disappoint me whatsoever. For the majority of it I was laughing so much it physically hurt, and my face ached afterwards from smiling and laughing so much. It’s definitely tongue in cheek (it’s from the creators of South Park, what else would you expect?) but if you walked out during the interval due to being offended you wouldn’t get to see the wonderful twist at the end of the show which I adored.

Jared Gertner (Elder Cunningham) & Gavin Creel (Elder Price)

Gavin Creel made for a brilliant Elder Price and I’m glad he’s stayed on after the cast change along with Jared Gertner as Elder Cunningham, they were such a hilarious pair together and I’m happy that audiences in London will be able to see their comedic streaks for a while longer.

Another incredible performance for me was found in Alexia Khadime as Nabulungi, her voice really works with this character and she plays it so well. She also gets one of the more heartfelt songs in the show which demonstrates her powerful vocals.

I found myself amazed by the energy and enthusiasm found within the whole cast and especially the Mormon boys of the ensemble, to put that many smiles into 8 shows a week can’t be easy! It helped that I saw it on the day of the cast change though as undoubtedly everyone turns the energy up a few notches with excitement and also fighting off any emotions as a cast change of any show can cause a few tears.

Anyone with at least a drop of sense of humour would be able to like (and laugh their way through) this show. The songs in it are incredibly catchy too, I’ve found myself singing them randomly on many occasions, and while I have yet to see the new cast I have no doubt these songs are still being performed by an energy-pumped cast.

Grab tickets (if you can) here!
Alternatively The Book of Mormon operate a lottery draw of tickets, if you go to the theatre at 12pm for a matinee, or 5pm for an evening performance, you can enter your name into the lottery to be in with a chance of winning up to two front row tickets at £20 each! The lottery is drawn at 12:30pm or 5:30pm depending on which show you are doing the lottery for!

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