theatre: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

A few days into the New Year I took a trip to the Stratford Circus to see a little show typically aimed at children but containing an actress I really like so wanted to see, and that show was We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Thinking of this show always reminds me of some of my A-Level English Language classes where for some reason we were using a video including this song in our classes (maybe just to annoy our teacher? I can’t remember) and so I definitely didn’t mind seeing the show. Despite it being unnerving being the only audience member without a child, I’m sure I enjoyed it just as much as they all did.

The title of the show makes it pretty self-explanatory, it’s about a family going on a bear hunt one afternoon. Going through grass, wading through water and squelching through mud where they finally end up at a cave where the bear lives! It’s a show with a repetitive story that repeats itself so children easily understand and love it.

I really wanted to see this to see Katharine Moraz as I think she has a gorgeous voice and wanted to see what her puppeteer skills were like! She’s previously been in the Avenue Q UK tour but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see that. Katharine definitely impressed, the whole cast of this little production did as I soon forgot the puppeteers and I always think that’s a good sign if you believe the puppets are actually real. The movements were so specific and very, very clever, it takes a lot to make inanimate objects move like an actual human.

As well as the very clever puppetry, the songs in the show were really cute, accompanied either by acoustic guitar or ukulele. Everyone in the show was so enthusiastic which is definitely needed with a children’s show of any style and they had fantastic vocals too. Solid, believable visuals and lovely songs made for a very charming show!

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