chit-chat: 2013 in retrospect…

I’m pretty sure everyone says this, every single year, but this year really has been an important and ‘big’ year for me! Therefore it warrants what’ll most likely be quite a vain, reflecting blog post on the goings-on of 2013…

In the previous blog post I’ve already rambled on about the various shows I’ve managed to see so I won’t talk about those so much, but that’s not to say they haven’t made an influence on my year and how it’s panned out. The theatre-world became really important to me in 2012 and it’s only grown in impact on my life this year too, which I’m thrilled about.

I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year thanks to being a part of the theatre-world, I’ve met a lot more amazing people that I’m so thankful to have in my life, and strengthened the friendships that began last year too. It’s helped so much in me moving to London knowing there are people here and they’ve helped me out an incredible amount, just knowing that there’s a friendly face in the city that can sometimes be very scary means a hell of a lot. Really, if it weren’t for my interest in theatre I probably wouldn’t be in London at the minute so it’s made a huge change.

Charlotte Scott and Kieran Brown / Pipe Dream

In July Kieran Brown asked if I could help them out at Pipe Dream to take some photographs for them. It re-sparked my love of photography so I’m incredibly grateful to him for that. It was such a great little experience and I’m really proud of some of the photos produced from it, that has to be one of my favourite spontaneous days of the year.

Tori Allen-Martin

With photography I’ve also recently been taking more photos at concerts to get more confidence with it. As much as others will comment on my photos and compliment them I really struggle myself to believe that I’m actually any good, so just doing more photography recently is helping me to just be confident with my camera.

Ian Stroughair and Louise Dearman

So I’m thrilled with these opportunities that’s for sure. Alongside photography obviously I’m very happy to be writing on this little blog of mine. As I’m studying English and Media at university it makes sense to be literally using the media and writing, so I count it almost as uni work… I put the two together anyway! I’m the same with writing as I am photography, very nervous about people seeing it and get this awful sick feeling every time I post a photo or blog unsure as to whether someone may turn around and say “You know, this is rubbish.” My brain is my worst enemy. Seriously though this blog has had more views already than I ever dreamed it would get and I’m having lots of fun writing on it so hopefully I’ll keep it going for, well, a long time!

Talking of university, that’s been a huge transition this year with moving to London too, I still can’t believe I’m here. It’s not easy and it’s been hard to adjust to in some ways but overall it’s enhancing my life really positively. Some days I regret not going to Falmouth to study a degree in Photography which is what I was originally set to do, but then I wouldn’t be in this thriving city doing all the exciting things I do. Swings and roundabouts!

Now is when I think this post will get really vain, I apologise in advance. I’ve never been confident about how I look so this year I decided to change that up a little bit and lost some weight. Even if it wasn’t a great amount it was still something, and somehow despite lacking in trips to the gym since moving to London people comment that I’m looking much better weight-wise and happier, which I am! It’s amazing how even shifting a bit of weight can change how you feel about yourself and that’s definitely been the case for me! I’ve got to thank Chlöe Hart for being the inspiration for this :)

summer 2012 / 2013

When I started university I also joined the Musical Theatre Society and when first asked to sing a solo was a quivering wreck, it was so embarrassing. Two months after we started we then put on a cabaret locally and I managed to get through a song not too horrifically, and I’ve never felt so proud of myself really just for getting through it! That was definitely a bit of a milestone for me, like high fiving myself ha!

At the MTSoc cabaret :)

Not only that but the cabaret was a classic excuse to get my old prom dress out and wear it, it’s a bit too fancy for everyday wear at least?! And I did say this post would be vain, sorry! One more vain visual section and I’m done I promise. ‘Back in the day’ when my friends and I would go on little photography treks around our town I really wouldn’t like being in front of the camera for them, I didn’t doubt their skills but I just felt uncomfortable with myself. Literally the other day my good friend Caitlin and I went to take photos and for the first time I didn’t feel like cringing at looking at myself. In fact, I felt really happy about how I looked. So what if it sounds vain, you’re allowed to feel like that sometimes!

I implore you to check out Caitlin on Flickr and Facebook because she’s so talented it makes me sick, but she’s one of my close friends so I’ll allow it…

Most of all I’m really happy about 2013 because I’ve become so much happier with myself. I’m much more positive, generally stress-free and surrounding myself with the right people. That’s not to say it’s been the easiest year because it definitely hasn’t been, but the troubles have only made me learn a lot about the person I am and who I actually want to be. I know now the qualities I want to take into the new year and those I want to work on or dismiss, and that’s a very important realisation in my opinion. The resolutions I’m giving myself I hope I’ll keep as they’re the things I’m already working on – mainly I’ll just be keeping a smile on my face and carry on improving where I can!

Happy New Year everyone, much love.

R x

p.s. a collage of some favourite moments of 2013…

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