theatre: A Weekend in Pantoland!

Britain seems to be the only place in the world where pantomime performances have become a sort of tradition around Christmas time; therefore it was only fitting that just before Christmas I should take a trip to see a couple of panto’s and get into the ridiculous spirit of things!

Our first stop of the weekend was the Corn Exchange Theatre in Kings Lynn to see their production of Beauty and the Beast, to see in particular Chlöe Hart who was appearing as their Fairy Formidable. After a train journey that went by incredibly quickly we found ourselves wandering around the town of Kings Lynn which I found very pleasant, it’s always nice to see different places around the country when going to see different shows!

We saw both shows of the day and I then discovered again how much I love panto productions and how much I laugh through them. Fits of giggles ensued throughout the majority of the show especially with the various references they managed to include, some only those who are from Kings Lynn would immediately click with too. Joanna Sawyer played the role of Beauty (Belle) and had a gorgeous voice, she starred alongside Darren Day as the Prince/the Beast.

Obviously our main reason to see this production was to see Chlöe and she didn’t disappoint! As soon as she bounded onto the stage as Fairy Formidable I had a smile on my face, it was so lovely to see her on a stage again. Upholding a fantastic French accent throughout the show, in song too, was very impressive and believable, plus she had a great reception with the audience. Thankfully she had a few songs of her own in the show which would’ve been a crime if not because she has a voice that has to be heard!

I definitely laughed just as much in the evening performance which I think is always good, the jokes still got me even if it was the second time hearing them. The kids were properly getting into Potty Pierre’s audience participation elements of the show too which made the show even more fun. Thanks to Chlöe we got a shout-out at the end of the show and Pierre even managed to say my name pretty much correctly so I was very impressed at that ha!

After staying at the lovely Globe Hotel just by the theatre we travelled to Norwich the next morning having caught the bus in the nick of time, and had a pretty smooth journey there too. The bus had leather seats which I was absolutely fascinated by to be honest, it was definitely the comfiest double-decker bus I’ve been on! We were heading to Norwich to see Cinderella which former Wicked cast member Michelle Pentecost was originally starring in. Due to changing circumstances unfortunately Michelle wouldn’t be in the show however we still wanted to see it and had friends coming the same day.

Michelle, while not in the show, was still around the theatre!

We all had a lovely time seeing it and it was great to see friends that I don’t often get to see, it was like a Christmas treat! The weekend as a whole was brilliant and surprisingly (thankfully!) our travel was easy too, we seem to have timed it perfectly to be back either at home or in London before the dreadful storms hit!

So, panto weekend was a success, it should be a ‘thing’ for all Brits to take the family to at Christmas time! Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas :)

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