theatre/chit-chat: Let’s be part of a musical?!

Last week I received a message from one of my good friends with a link saying “Look at this, you have to enter too!” so naturally I went to see what it was all about and it was an entry form to be part of a photoshoot for the X-Factor musical “I Can’t Sing!” coming out next year. Of course, I entered it (with a little help from Lee, thank you)! Later on in the day we received emails to say we were successful, and could we go along to the Palladium theatre on Saturday to have the photos done; we absolutely couldn’t stop laughing about it.

 So come Saturday just gone, my friends and I took the easy journey over to the Palladium thinking that the photoshoot would most likely be happening in another room in the theatre and that it was just the easiest place to get everyone to, but no! We were directed by ushers down into the auditorium where we then saw the photoshoot set up on the actual stage itself. I think the phrase I would use for us then was “beside ourselves”. It’s the little things eh! So after watching a couple of people have their photograph taken it was then my turn as I was brave enough to go up first apparently… After a quick hello from the photographer I was standing on a small platform facing a ginormous flash umbrella looking out at the Palladium theatre, actually looking into the front row that I’ve sat in myself a couple of times. Surreal stuff to say the least!

 I’d like to think I was quite good at taking the photographer’s direction, knowing what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera too, even when the commands were simply “Look hopeful!”, “Less teeth please,”, “Eyes open wider!” and such. They seemed to take quite a lot of photographs with a lot of different poses so I’d say that was a positive sign?! This experience also makes it three West End stages I’ve stood and looked out from, which I think is pretty cool.

With any luck, you’ll see me and a few of my friends part of the set for “I Can’t Sing!” when the previews begin next February, and you can bet that I’ll be absolutely cackling if I see myself up on a life-size cut out on the Palladium stage!

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