theatre: Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House

Something a few friends and I always try to go to are the ballet productions at the Royal Opera House, in the past we’ve seen Alice in Wonderland and Swan Lake there and we’ve adored them so try and snap up tickets when we can! This time we were lucky enough to get some great (and reasonably priced, important factor!) seats in the Upper Amphitheater for Romeo and Juliet.

 We’re always impressed by the productions we see, and this one was no different. It’s always interesting to see how a story you know is interpreted through simply music and ballet with no dialogue whatsoever and I think it enhances the narrative because you’re entranced by the dance and there’s no dialogue to distract from the simply beauty of that alone.

For me it’s the absolute intricacies of the ballet that amaze me the most, even from ‘the gods’, you can easily see the beautiful strength displayed on the stage from both the women and men. Their fluidity and the ease at which they tell the story with just how they move about the stage is so mesmerising.

 Another thing is how they stage the productions, it takes them not long at all to do a scene change regardless of the mass of scenery which is just incredible, but then also the detail that goes into the set is something else. I think my favourite piece of set I’ve seen at the Royal Opera House would be for Alice in Wonderland where the stage itself was decorated as a book, with the end of it acting as the ends of pages. I just thought that was so simple but effective, and visually made it look like everything was happening straight from the book and the story.

In Romeo and Juliet they seamlessly transitioned sets which depicted so well the different locations in the story, but it was just the magnitude of them which made them so impressive, one moment an elaborate courtyard scene is displayed, the next moment it’s a scene inside one of the lover’s houses.

 Most likely it’s a combination of the thrilling music, awe-inspiring dancing and pure talent displayed that makes me love going to the ballet so much but when it’s such a strong solid company such as this pulling off such a well-known tale without a single word spoken, you have to be impressed.

I would say go and get some tickets to see it while it’s still on, but it’s so popular that nearly all the shows have sold out! You have to be really quick when getting tickets at the ROH. I’d recommend taking a look at the website and being prepared for when future productions go on sale, it’s so worth a trip.

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