chit-chat: Improvement / Do It (For) Yourself

 This year’s been a pretty important one for me so far, with lots of changes happening and having to become accustomed to new ventures, so this would definitely make a change on anyone. For me personally, I’ve tried to be as positive as I can be about these things, because recently I’ve just been thinking “What’s the point of going through life negatively?”. You’re never going to get the most out of life if you’re constantly down, I don’t mean that you have to keep your head in the clouds and consistently ignore reality, you just have to try and see the positives in every situation as much as possible.

 So I’ve improved my attitude and thinking this year greatly, embracing a ‘positive mental attitude’ rather than the negative one I strongly upheld previously. This honestly has helped, it eradicates a certain amount of stress and just makes you appreciate what you do have in life rather than the things you don’t have.

Another thing I’ve recently been drilling into my brain is the notion to do things for yourself. This sounds quite selfish on the surface so let me explain – whenever you do something for pleasure say, do it wholly for yourself and simply be grateful when others appreciate it. For example, I blog for myself (and for my mum because I’m sure she worries about me too much and wants to know what I’m up to – Hi mum!) but really enjoy the fact that others like to read the posts I put up. I won’t put posts up and only be pleased if people read and like them, that’s just a massive bonus for me personally. Does that make sense without being ridiculous? I hope so!

Going quickly back to thoughts of self-improvement, I’m quite liking challenging myself recently. Normally I loathe people reading anything, absolutely anything, that I’ve written yet here I am throwing blogs out without fear, so I’m proud of that and getting over that fear! Likewise with singing in public I get horrific nerves but I’m trying to overcome those which I’m sure will be a gradual thing.

Any who I’ll wrap this up now, but in summary:

  • Positive thinking is much more productive than a constantly negative mindset.
  • Challenge yourself to do the things that normally terrify you.
  • Appreciate what you’ve got in life :)

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