chit-chat: The Daily Mail… (and why it annoys me!)

Apologies in advance for the somewhat ranting in-between blog!

One thing I’ve realised since being interested in the theatre is that you have certain sources that you trust more than others. I won’t name them but I’m sure we all have these avenues online that we go to for the most recent and trusted news on what’s going on with shows, casting etc. Furthermore, I’ve noticed how some companies like to ruin all of this and ‘stick their nose in’, *cough*, the Daily Mail. On Twitter last night, Urinetown posted that they’d have some exciting casting news in the following morning, and then later on the Daily Mail proceeded to leak that casting news. They’ve done similar things in the past concerning the theatre world – announcing the closure of the London production of Ghost before even the cast/crew knew, announcing Louise Dearman’s return to Wicked etc. I realise it helps slightly in the grand scheme of things in relation to advertising the shows and such, but is it just me that gets annoyed at the respective shows not being able to divulge their information first? 

I know, I know, I’m just a teenage theatre-goer sat here blogging on my laptop probably being too pedantic about this, but am I the only one getting annoyed by it?

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