gigs: Diva’s Unsung

Two days after moving into London, I figured it was about time to go to something musical theatre-related so thankfully I already had a ticket booked for the Diva’s Unsung gig at the Leicester Square Theatre on September 22nd!

Diva’s Unsung stemmed from the other successful concerts that Songs Unsung have produced in the past, and this particular concert focused on (as the name suggests) diva’s of the West End. Previously, Songs Unsung have done shows on Andrew Lloyd Webber and Billy Joel. Their diva’s for this night featured Ashleigh Gray, Sarah French, Jennifer Potts, Rebecca Trehearn, Kirby Lunn and Ambra Caserotti, so while all being under the same ‘diva’ umbrella, their vocal styles ranged greatly, keeping us all engaged throughout the show.

The setlist for the evening was certainly an eclectic collection of almost-forgotten musical theatre numbers, spanning over a large range of years and shows, and I’m not sure if there were one person in the audience who would’ve known every single song that was performed – however I actually quite liked this. Not only did it re-introduce to us standout songs in ‘flop’ musicals, it helped to not distract from the performance. Often I’ll be at a gig and someone will perform a song that I’ve already heard live or possibly heard many times and be distracted by myself thinking of how someone else has sung it before, so this approach to a setlist was actually quite refreshing.

In my opinion, I think Rebecca Trehearn and Ashleigh Gray lead this concert with their powerhouse vocals, they both have such immense strength in them that it’s hard not to be amazed every time they sing. Rebecca I’ve already helmed a lot in my previous blog about Ghost on Tour so I’m sure everyone already knows I’m in awe of her voice! Ashleigh is someone I haven’t seen perform before so I was pleased to finally do so, and her rendition of “Meadowlark”, accompanied by the MTA Choir, was very touching.

James Doughty provided musical direction for the evening and was a pleasure to watch, he put so much enthusiasm into the night which was a fantastic addition. The one thing I wish had been included in the evening was a bit more contact time for the diva’s with the audience, as apart from a few song introduction there wasn’t much time allowed for every diva to ‘converse’ as such with the evening.

All that aside I thought it was a delightful evening hearing strong vocalists and discovering old gems of musical theatre’s past!

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