gigs: Jonathan Reid Gealt’s TransAtlantic Weekend: Part Two!

Back to the St. James on the Sunday of this “TransAtlantic” weekend for more gorgeous music! Sunday was solely about Jonathan’s music with even more talent to drop our jaws, including some who had sung the night before – Matthew Barrow, Danielle Hope, Craig Colton, Kelly Anne Gower and Jennifer Tierney, while also being joined by Rebecca Trehearn, Tiffany Graves, Ceili O’Connor, Andy Coxon, Craig Mather, Stuart Matthew Price, Gloria Onitiri and Scott Garnham.

As well as having songs from his new album “Here For You”, songs from his first album “Thirteen Stories Down” were performed and Gealt’s new show “Dust and Shadow” that he’s writing the music for had some songs premiered for the first time so an exciting collection of music to hear. The songs from “Dust and Shadow” were very different from Gealt’s own work as the show is based on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and their encounters with Jack the Ripper, therefore a sinister almost sick touch is definitely attributed to these songs but they were very interesting to hear. Many of us were very disturbed after hearing Matthew Barrow singing “Jack’s Letter” but I’m sure that was the correct reaction for us to have! Definitely an intriguing show that I’ll be keeping an eye out for.

Hearing a range of songs from “Here For You” and “Thirteen Stories Down” put together a night of music that touched your heart and certainly left a resonance. My personal favourite from the first half would absolutely have to be hearing Rebecca Trehearn singing “Movin’ On”. Anyone who knows me will already know that I absolutely bow down to Rebecca’s vocal prowess and once again she astounded the audience in the room with her voice, as is to be expected really! In the second half my favourite performance would be Stuart Matthew Price singing “September of ’92” because of the absolutely insane note he hit midway through which made us all sit up straight and pay attention for sure! It even shocked Jonathan, no one was expecting it!

Also I absolutely have to mention the third competition winner Jess Barker who gave a stunning rendition of “Quiet” and it was then so easy to see why she was one of the three chosen winners with the unique tone and style that she sings with. This competition was such a fantastic idea and it’s definitely plucked out three performers that we should all keep a tab on because they’re bound to go places! Jess is currently studying an MA in Musical Theatre at GSA so I really hope she lands a few roles in the near future because with a voice like that it’d be a waste if she didn’t!

Finally I’d just like to comment on the venue that these concerts were held at – the St. James Theatre is only just over a year old and is honestly one of the most beautiful venues I’ve been too, and thankfully I’ve been there quite a lot now! It’s definitely the up and coming venue of this year and seems to be snatching up every great gig that’s going on, so I’d recommend checking out their programme to see what’s happening as not only do they have the theatre area for plays, they have the innovative studio space that most of these style cabarets are held in. Check it out!

I lied, just one more thing – huge congratulations to those at Iliad Debuts for running a smooth and fantastic weekend, with that amount of performers to organise it must’ve posed a massive challenge and everything (to the audience anyway!) went according to plan with no kinks, so that’s impressive in itself. Definitely a weekend jam-packed with musical theatre goodness and I enjoyed it a hell of a lot!

Jonathan Reid Gealt on Twitter
Here For You on iTunes
St. James Theatre

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