theatre: The Sound of Music

On a very cold, truly September Monday, some friends and I went to see The Sound of Music at Regents Park Open Air Theatre! Like quite a lot of people, I have loved the film since I was a child and have really wanted to see a production of it for quite some time, so when the previously sold-out show got an extension from September 7th to September 14th I knew I couldn’t miss out on seeing it.

The Sound of Music

So, in slightly rainy and very cold weather we took our seats in glorious Open Air theatre (I’m sure it was lovely in the summer!) and waited anxiously to see if the show would begin or not. With the beauty of Open Air theatre there have been some shows cancelled due to the weather, and thankfully ours ran despite a 15 minute delay at the start.

I can’t fault this show whatsoever, it lived up to every expectation from what I’d heard off friends and reviews etc, the whole cast put so much into it and made it a beautiful production. I particularly loved how they used the whole theatre, for example Maria (played by Charlotte Wakefield) entered the show through one of the audience gangways and her and the children would come through the audience as they were singing certain songs, it really made it special.

The highlight of the show for me was in the scene where the Von Trapp family are singing in the Festival concert, as not only were all the Nazi’s were stationed within the audience but we literally acted like the audience in the film, repeatedly clapping when the Von Trapp’s were called etc, it just felt very clever!

So despite us becoming ice blocks by the end of it, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was very grateful to catch it. Charlotte and Michael Xavier did a fantastic job as Maria and the Captain, and the children were incredible. A very well done production by all!

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