gigs: Christina Bianco

A few Saturday’s ago, I had the absolute treat of seeing Christina Bianco live in one of her four sold-out concerts at the Hippodrome Casino.

You might’ve heard of her from a YouTube video of her Total Eclipse of the Heart diva impressions that went viral shortly before she flew over to London, resulting in her concerts then selling out! While she is mainly known for her incredible impressions, Bianco also has a fantastic voice of her own and it’s a testament to her vocal skill that she could manipulate her voice so easily (and quickly!) to that of the divas she would impersonate.

Here’s the video that spread like wildfire, definitely check it out!

As well as singing in her own voice and doing her impressions, Bianco had guests along for her concerts – on the first night Kerry Ellis joined her and they sang Let Me Be Your Star from the TV show Smash, Anna Jane Casey joined her on the second day with a brilliant song from Forbidden Broadway, which Bianco has worked on, Chita Rita and also for a sublime ukelele cover of Set Fire to the Rain, and then I believe Dale Evans joined her on the last show! Overall it was a huge success for her, rightly so! I laughed an incredible amount and had a fantastic night, hopefully it won’t be too long until she can visit London again!  


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