the obligatory ‘hello’!

Hello! So I’m starting up this whole ‘proper blog’ lark, and I figured there should be an introduction post right? Not everyone whose reading this will already know me so hi, I’m Rukaya, 19 years old from a little town called Towcester (yes, said like the kitchen appliance), who has decided that for her first ‘move out’, she’s going to head to London! Crazy right?! I’m going to be studying at Goldsmiths University which is in South East London and I’m really bloody excited :)

I’ve made this blog in the hopes that I’ll well-document my time at university and most likely spout some useless (maybe sometimes useful!) chatter into the world. Be prepared to see many posts about the theatre because that’s what I get up to most of the time, sprinkled with whatever else I get up to in the city, hopefully stuff of interest… 

R x

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